How To Get Laid Using Facebook – Free Hookup Sites That Work

Free Hookup Sites

How To Get Laid Using Facebook – Free Hookup Sites That Work

If you’re looking for free dating sites, then you should look at Reddit. This is a Craigslist-like Reddit forum (i.e. the community is built around user-submitted posts or “rabbits”), which stands for, essentially, the free classifieds online. Users can post up “jobs”, classified ads, or just plain put, make a profile and place an ad/expression. You could say that Reddit is sort of like an online dating site/community/website – where people can get into contact with one another!

Now, in seeking other people on the Internet, whether it’s a dating personals site, a “just for fun” community, or even a free hookup sites, there are certain places you need to go. This is where Craiglist and Adult Friend Finder came into play, though those don’t really pertain to free dating sites. If you’re seeking someone to have a fling with – either a long term relationship or something more intimate and lasting, such as a one night stand or something else – these two free sites will be invaluable resources for you. In fact, I would recommend that you go ahead and post on either Craiglist or Adult Friend Finder and see what kind of responses you get.

OK, now I want to introduce you to “OK Cupid”. OKCupid is an online dating site that is free and used by a lot of folks, including professionals like lawyers, doctors, etc. It has a very simple interface, and their search functions are quite good. They have chat rooms as well as their general dating service, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, go take a look.

The nice thing about OK Cupid is that they have a strong privacy policy in place, and all information on every member is done according to their terms of service. So, if you don’t feel comfortable giving away your social security number or some other sensitive data on a public website (especially one-night stands), then this is the perfect dating site for you. Their search function is pretty good, and their screening processes are thorough. As far as hookups go, OKCupid hookups tend to be relatively discreet and honest.

OK, now I’m going to introduce you to another social networking giant, which also happens to be one of the largest free hookup sites on the internet. The big difference between Facebook and OKCupid is that Facebook lets you hookup with anyone who signs up for their services, whereas OKCupid limits this type of thing to registered members only. You can also search for “free hookup sites” in the Facebook search engine, although they do not currently have any specific ones listed. OK, now back to the original question: how to get laid using Facebook? The answer is… well, actually, it’s not that hard at all!

First of all, if you have an iPhone, then you should really consider downloading either ihookup or hookup bot, which are two premium dating site alternative apps. The hookup bot is actually the main hookup mechanism on the site (it actually does all the real work), but if you’re just looking to get dates and not seriously dating, then ihookup will do fine. After downloading both apps, you simply need to log into your account, and create an account (you can use your Facebook user name or your real name). Now, you’re ready to browse through all the profiles on the platform, and if you see someone you think might be a possible hookup, simply send a message. Now, remember, when using Facebook to hookup, you don’t need to put your pictures on your profile, because Facebook will do that for you!


  1. There are several free online dating sites that enable men to use free chat rooms exclusively for other men.

  2. This gives men the chance to see what kind of common interests you have before you even meet them in person.

  3. They do a search on your interest area and bring back results of local singles that share similar interests.

  4. This allows you to browse through profiles of singles near you and narrow down your options based on location, age or any other criteria you prefer.

  5. You can search for singles of your choosing by entering your criteria into the search box on the site.

  6. When you find a few that interest you go on to chat with them one on one until you are comfortable with a date.

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